concierge standing behind a desk

Code of Ethics

The purpose of this Code of Professional Ethics is to establish and maintain internal and external stakeholder confidence in the honesty, integrity, professionalism and ability of the members of the International Society of Residential Concierge throughout the world. The Society intends that this Code and our performance pursuant to its provisions will be beneficial to the Residences Owners, Rental Tenants, and Guests.

It is expected that all members of the International Society of Residential Concierge shall:

  1. Comply with current standards or practices as may be established and updated from time to time by Marriott International;

  2. At all times conduct business activities with knowledge of and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations;

  3. Participate in continuing professional development and education through nationally recognized and accredited organizations;

  4. Avoid actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest with the Association, especially in circumstances involving a party related to Marriott International and/or any of its affiliates;

  5. No member or immediate family member may give or accept a gift or gifts from any single Business Partner, customer, contractor, vendor or supplier that have an individual or aggregate annual value greater than $200, unless the Associate has obtained the approval of his or her immediate supervisor. Associates are responsible for retaining evidence (e.g., email, memo, or note to file) of the supervisory approval;

    • A “gift” includes anything of value whether it is tangible or intangible, including but not limited to consumer goods, services, discounts, use of recreational facilities, trips, tickets to sporting or theatrical events (other than in connection with permissible entertainment, as further described below), or memberships. No exception to this dollar limit is permitted for gifts of consumables or “perishables” without supervisory approval as provided in this policy. Thus, gifts that include gourmet food, wine or high value “gift baskets” are subject to the same limits imposed on all other gifts by this policy.

    • Gifts that consist of the offer of discounted or free services or goods from a vendor to an Associate who is responsible for the procurement for Marriott of the same services or goods from such vendor, could constitute kickbacks and are prohibited.

  6. Providing services to our Owners/Members/Residents that fall outside the scope of our Associates job responsibilities or outside scheduled working hours is not permitted. In the event an Owner/Member/Resident requests services that fall outside the scope of our Associate’s roles, the Associate should inform the requesting party that he/she is not permitted to perform services outside the scope of their job responsibilities or regularly scheduled hours of work. Any questions regarding whether requests are acceptable should be referred to the employee’s manager for clarification;

  7. As a member of the Society, engaging in personal relationships, social activities, and personal matters with Residents is also not permitted;

  8. Concierge should also respectfully decline a request that is either illegal, immoral or unethical;

  9. Concierge must always treat vendor relationship with the highest respect. For example, not hold simultaneous reservations at different restaurants for Owners, Members, Residents or Guests; nor take advantage of their hospitality when invited to experience their product or service;

  10. Concierge should respect the privacy of our Owners/Members/Residents/Guests and should not communicate with nor post any information related to them publicly, including on social media;

  11. To preserve professional conduct, concierge may not post to their private social media accounts with details of experiences provided by vendors or other opportunities that arise as a result of your position as a concierge.

  12. Not disclose to a third party any confidential or proprietary information without consulting with the Regional Director of Residences as a confidentiality agreement may be required, unless immediate disclosure is required or compelled by any legal authority.

By signing below, I agree to abide by the International Society of Residential Concierge’s Code of Ethics and to be subject to disciplinary action, as appropriate.